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August 10, 2011
From: “Alhaji Imam Sheik-Bello” <>
To: undisclosed-recipients


Good day to you,

Please this is Confidential.

The largest producer of oil in Africa, 6th in the World also the major supplier of crud oil to the United States and other world power: “NNPC” Nigeria National Petroleum Corporations, had series of contracts executed by a consortium of Multinationals in favor of the industry.  Among which were;
The expansion of Pipeline network, Turn Around Maintenance (TAM) of various Refineries,Compensation on the Amnesty for the people of the Niger-Delta Oil Spill etc.

I am Alhaji Usman Bello AKA Rom, Male, 56, of 104, Idewu street, Olodi-Apapa, Ajegunle, Lagos. I’m the SECRETARY to the directors of Project and Planning. My boss and colleague deliberately over invoiced some contracts with the sum of Thirty Two Million Dollars to transfer it to a foreign account for their benefit. They have actually transferred the sum of Eighteen Million Dollars to their American partner whom the family claimed have died after Eighteen Million Dollars has been transferred to their account, (if truly he’s dead, no one knows because they changed all their contacts).

My boss just resigned from the office for his personal reason but leaving the remaining Fourteen Million Dollars floating in that same account where they transferred Eighteen Million Dollars from of which no person can make claims except to a foreign account which is the initial propose.

Now I want to transfer the remaining Fourteen Million Dollars to a foreign account since I have the details. I decided to contact you when I saw your contact as I was looking for a reliable and healthy person (Foreigner) who will not die immediately after receiving the rest Fourteen Million Dollars.

I took this decision so that I can have something to depend on when I resign, because the government does not want to help the situation by helping the poor while at the other hand the rich is getting richer, leaving the poor to get poorer. And more so the money is just floating in the account of which no one can claim it here.

However, after making claim of the M$14 with your name or company who carried out one of the contracts and recieved the fund, you will take 30%, which is Four Million Two Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,200,000.00) after you received the fund, while I and my colleague shall share the rest 70%.

Please if you can do this, just send to me the following:
1, your complete name, home and office address
2, Sex
3, Your cell number
4, Your bank details “where the money will be transferred into”
5, A scanned copy of your driver’s license or international passport.

Please, note that your information is save and secure, and will be used for this transaction only and do not let-out this transaction to anyone to avoid involving hacking our mailbox and taking advantage of the information therein.

Thank you in anticipation as i await for your response as urgent as possible.

Best Regards,
Alhaji Imam Sheik-Bello
Direct line: 234-1-749-3538

One Comment
  1. “the government does not want to help the situation by helping the poor while at the other hand the rich is getting richer, leaving the poor to get poorer”

    Hey, what do you know….. Our gov’t is the same way!

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