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August 3, 2011
To: undisclosed-recipients


The regional manager
Barclays bank of Ghana ltd
Cape coast branch.

Hello My Dear friend,

Compliment of the season to you. I know that this letter will come to you as a surprise, with the full hope that you will bear with me to assist me.

I am Mr. Daniel Kwasi, the regional manager of Barclays bank of Ghana ltd cape coast branch in the Central region of Ghana.

I am writing to you for a good business which I want you to assist me and received this fund into your bank account in your country, this money in question (EIGHT MILLION FIVE HUNDRED AND FORTY THOUSAND UNITED STATE DOLLARS ($8.540USD) is the fund which I discover on the course of Last year 2010 business financial report and I have package it in what we call escrow call account with no beneficiary  as an officer of this bank I can not be directly connected to this fund, So my aim of contacting you is to assist me and receive this fund in your bank account.

Please there is no risk involved, may I assure you that this business is 100% legal, and it is also bank-to-bank transfer, all I need from you is to stand claim as the original depositor of the funds who made the deposit with my branch so that my head office can order the transfer to your designated bank account, and I shall give you 35% of the total sum as soon as this fund hits your account and I shall also visit you in your country for the shearing it.

Please if you are willing to assist me, please indicate your interest by replying soonest.

Thanks and be blessed.
Mr. Daniel Kwasi.

One Comment
  1. “I shall also visit you in your country for the shearing it.”
    Um, no thanks….

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