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July 28, 2011
From: “Hollway” <>
To: undisclosed-recipients


FROM: MR. Paul Hollway

A government offical here wants to transfer the sum of ($17.5million).

The Republic of Botswana is formerly a British colony situated in
Southern Africa, nestled between South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe and Zambia. The capital of Botswana is Gaborone.

the country is democratically ruled, boasts a growing economy and a stable political environment. Botswana has some of Africa’s last great wildernesses including the famous Okavango Swamps and the Kalahari Desert. Botswana is the largest exporter of gemstone diamonds in the world.
The prompting of my mail came after much thought on the country most suitable to invest some personal funds acquired from the federal ministry of finance here which i have decided to invest
Before we proceed I need your assurance that funds in question can be invested without my being implicated as the original owner for security reasons due to my political position and our personality will be fully protected
yours sincerely.
MR. Paul Hollway

One Comment
  1. “our personality will be fully protected”


    Oh, and thanks for the geography/history lesson….

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