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From: Miss Abigail Neil

July 18, 2011
From: “Abigail Neil” <>
To: undisclosed-recipients

From: Miss Abigail Neil

Abidjan, Ivory Coast West Africa .

Dearest one,

I am Miss. Abigail Neil the only daughter of my late parents Mr. Jason Neil. My parents were very wealthy coffee and cocoa farmers here in Ivory Coast and former administrative director and assistance in Agriculture sectors here in Ivory Coast . Unfortunately my mother died in a fatal automobile accident on August 15 1997 alongside with my elder brother Kenneth and my little sister Jane along Yamoussoukro express way. My father was recently killed by his business associates during one of their business meeting in Paris France and autopsy confirmed that he died of alcoholic poisoning.

Before the death of my father in a private hospital here in my country he secretly called me on his bed side and told me that he has the sum of two million, five hundred thousand united state dollars ($2.5M) left in fixed / suspense account in one of the leading banks here in Ivory Coast, that he used my name as his only daughter for the next of Kin in depositing of the money. He also explained to me that it was because of this wealth that he was poisoned by his business associates in collaboration with our family relatives out of jealousness, greediness and wickedness.

Also before the death of my father he told me that due to the political instability in this country and the consequent harassment and threats from my family relatives and his other enemies that I should humbly seek for a God fearing and a foreigner in a country of my choice where I should transfer this money and use it for investments such as real estate and hotel management.

Please my dear, I am humbly seeking your assistance in the following ways:

(1) To provide a good bank account which this money would be transferred to into

(2) To serve as a guardian of this fund since I am still a girl of only 19 year.

(3) To make arrangement for me to come over to your country to further my education and also to secure a resident permit in your country.

As soon as I receive your urgent reply indicating your interest to assist me to successfully transfer the money into an account in your country, I will give you all the necessary information you may require to proceed towards transferring the money. Finally, I am willing to offer you 15% of the total money as mode of compensation for your effort for assisting me with this humble request as I believe that this transaction would be concluded within seven (7) days you signify your interest to assist me. Please reply me

Anticipating hearing from you urgently.

Thanks and God bless.

Yours Sincerely,

Abigail Neil.

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